Sunday, 16 October 2016

Constant Spring Chapel Visit

Constant Spring Chapel

Today we decided to attend the Constant Spring Chapel in Kingston. 

Jocelyn & Nancy

We Promised Nancy that we would attend Church with her today. Hopefully she will be able to be baptized soon.

Our thoughts are also at home with our granddaughter Reece who is being baptized tonight. Hopefully we will have some photos soon. We are also thinking about Jessica who left us 7 years ago tomorrow. We rejoice in her life and the impact she had on all of us with her amazing personality.

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Welcome & Upcoming Santo Domingo Temple Trip

Santo Domingo Temple

Welcome to our newly developed Jamaica Kingston Mission - Journal Blog.  We have been considering doing this for quite some time and simply didn't know just how to do it - and frankly we still don't.  Bear with us as we learn.

Unfortunately we have had a difficult time scheduling a flight to accommodate approximately 100 Jamaican Saints to attend the Santo Domingo Temple.  We have received one quote from a carrier that is just outside of our price range but we feel that if we add more time that hopefully they will fall within our budget.  We are now working for the 7th thru the 13th of November.  Wish us luck.

We have had a great time with the Facebook page but we feel that with a blog we will have more opportunity to write more in depth about our experiences here and share more of our personal feelings about our mission and we hope to accomplish here. So I hope that you will enjoy continuing to share our experiences here.